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Not to be Overlooked:

Codename: Diablo (Havoc Op International Films, 35 minutes, Unrated, DVD): Confession time – I have a verified soft spot for sexploitation classics from the 1970’s and ‘80s, films like Double Agent 73 (starring the infamous Chesty Morgan) and the entire boobs, guns and action catalog of director Andy Sidaris.

But my all-time guilty pleasure from this particular subgenre is 1984’s The Lost Empire, a cult classic from writer-director Jim Wynorski starring a trio of busty female leads (Raven De La Croix, Melanie Vincz and Angela Aames).

Codename: Diablo very much wants to exist in this universe, and at least with its casting, it definitely qualifies. Codename: Diablo stars big-bust starlets Lilly 4K, Mary Madison Love and Martina Big as latex-clad, cleavage-accentuating spies named Kitty Steele, Monique Power and Barbie Blonde, who are tasked with retrieving the Diablo Death Ray from the villainous Contessa D’ell Oro (Lady Remedy Ann).

The countess employs an entire army of latex-catsuit-wearing henchmen who attempt to stop the three chesty spies. Most of them die quickly. At least one is killed while trapped inside a latex vacuum bed, which essentially sucks all the oxygen out and leaves whoever is trapped inside looking like Han Solo in carbonite.

It’s all mindless softcore shenanigans coupled with awful acting, but the film’s heart is in the right place.

If you loved the cheekier moments of The Benny Hill Show way back in the 1970s, or if you are instantly familiar with names like Kitten Natividad and Little Oral Annie, then you’re not going to care about the cinematic quality, or lack thereof.

This is essentially a latex fetishist’s essential viewing. If you’re looking for hard action and graphic nudity, Codename Diablo is not for you.

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